helping businesses harness technology




Wider Nets is a partner that can take responsibility for IT, from the strategy to the implementation.

the fundamentals

Wider Nets fundamental believe is that most companies will benefit from the implementation of some select new technologies that can make a clear contribution to the productivity of employees with minimal, and likely one-time, costs.

Wider Nets understands that many companies need advice on what technologies are worth pursuing, yet this advice should not be mired in technical details.

the details

As the fall out of bubble clears, it has become clear that many technologies will be legitimate successes that will change the way businesses work.

Among these are Wireless Local Area Network (WLANs), Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), digital media technologies, and broadband internet access.

Additionally, many vendors are attempting to make "appliances": devices that can be installed, turned on and forgotten while they do their job. Sometimes the vendors have succeeded in this.

Wider Nets believes that the merge of these two trends has created an economical investment point for businesses.

Wider Nets is continuously evaluating promising technologies and products to determine which can be installed at low cost, maintained with virtually no cost, and provide concrete business advantages.



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