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Windgraph (Lake Michigan version)

Lake Michigan wind information on your cell phone.

Windgraph gives access to real-time wind information in an easy-to-read format. Sailors and others can better prepare knowing details of the existing conditions.

Free 10 use trial, $15 for unlimited use.
(before purchasing, install the free trial)





Windgraph displays the last three hours of wind information for various locations around Lake Michigan and Alpena on Lake Huron.

The upper image to the left shows a typical display indicating a gentle breeze (8-9 knots) from the east-southeast.

Readings are spaced five minutes apart, and vertical red lines indicate the wind direction.

The gray horizontal lines indicate wind speed, with each quarter of the display representing 10 knots. The display of gust speed can be turned on in the settings.

To keep this detailed information usable on small cell phones, Windgraph has settings for display size and automatic zoom for the appropriate compass region to see more detail in trends.


future features

After the release of the current version, new versions of Windgraph are expected to add:

  • access to other weather information, including temperature, forecasts, and advisories.
  • faster, smaller retrieval of the wind data.
  • ability to retrieve data from any NOAA buoy. This feature may require a different program, due to the size and ease of obtaining buoy data.

If you:

  • are interested in helping to test future versions of Windgraph.
  • want to receive information regarding Windgraph's release.
  • have features you would like to see implemented.

...please fill out our request form.

System Requirements
Java Device
Windgraph is currently undergoing testing to determine compatibility with various models of mobile phones. Windgraph should be compatible with popular J2ME (Java) phones from Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, and others. If your phone can download games, then it will probably work with Windgraph.

Tested phones:

  • Sony Ericsson T610, T616
  • Samsung SPH-A620/VGA 1000

Preliminary testing completed:

  • Nokia 7210
  • Motorola V300/V400/V500, V600

Known to be incompatible:

  • LG VX4400 (Does not support Java/J2ME)


Data connection
Windgraph uses a web connection to retrieve data. Your mobile phone service provider may charge extra fees for this service. [Every time data is retrieved requires a 2.5 KB download.] If you can access the web from your phone, Windgraph will probably work.

Ability to install
Windgraph can be installed over the air using your phone's network connection, or using a personal computer.


Get the Free Trial

Please install Windgraph as a free trial to test compatibility with your phone and service provider. To continue after 10 free uses, registration is required. Registration will allow unlimited use.

To install Windgraph, you can install directly across the web on your phone or connect your phone to your computer.

Install over the web to your phone:
With your cell phone's web browser, go to . Follow the links there to download Windgraph. (Tip: One easy way to enter a web address on many cell phones is to email it to your cell phone address.)

Install from your computer:
Download the files below to your computer.
Windgraph.jad (Not needed for many Sony - Ericsson phones.)

Copy them to your cell phone and follow the instructions from your mobile phone company on how to start the program.

$15 (before purchasing, install the free trial)


Wind data provided by the NOAA/GLERL Realtime Meteorological Observation Network.


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